Xesc Reina

Already in Mataró, working on my business making all kind of cold meats and sausages, I was very interested in sobrassada and all its different forms and curing processes. Premonition of my destiny, I ended up in Majorca making sobrassadas, stirring a little bit here and there, doing work in manufacturing, individual companies and going to slaughter.

Incorporating also all the knowledge gained in Charcuterie School, resulting in the birth of some very personal sobrassadas.

Giving birth to sobrassadas to care for them in their growth, every shape, every size. How not to enjoy choosing their ingredients, the best meat, best peppers, keeping an eye on the indigenous and discovering their shadings, coulours and making use of them.

Enjoy the visual feast, watch the changes every day until the arrival of the appropriate age. Each sobrassada is a sculpture in motion, slow, very slow. Enjoy the unmistakable aroma of a sobrassada balanced in time and enjoyed in the mouth of a living being, for me, slow very slow and long on the palate but not as intense in memory.

Inspiring!.-  To inspire you!

Xesc Reina and the soul of sobrassadas.